Testing, Testing the Pixie Tee!

I've been involved in the sewing community through social media since I began sewing apparel. The community is a big reason I continue to be inspired. It truly is one of a kind. 

I had admired from afar the "release week" of various patterns and always thought it would be fun to join in. I admired all of the sewists involved (kind of felt like they were sewing super stars) and I felt semi intimidated by the process of testing a new pattern; couple that with full time mommin' and I wasn't sure if Id be up to sewing to a deadline. 

Well, let me tell you--- do it! The community who tested the Pixie tee was amazing AND Gabriela from Chalk and Notch, along with her team, ran a superb and smooth testing group. It was so fun to be more involved and it helped me feel more confident and that I can keep up with some of those sewing super stars. I think I might be a little anxious to test again!


I chose to test the Pixie tee version B with long sleeves.

This is like my dream winter tee. I used a rayon french terry I purchased from our local warehouse, purchased white, then of course indigo dyed it. The sleeve cuffs are also indigo dyed but in a shabori design, same fabric. This fabric had 90% streatch. I cut a straight size 10 and added an inch per the pattern instructions since I am about 5'8"


Pixie Tee Dress Version A with short sleeves.

I of course couldn't quit so decided a dress was needed. I had prepared some additional indigo dye which was definitely meant to be a pixie tee dress. 

The dress is made from the same rayon french terry as the tee but in a shabori dye design. The ties are navy rayon challis. The dress is also a straight sz 10. 

The only adjustment I made to the dress was to lengthen the elastic by 3" on both the front and the back to increase the length of the dress. I ran out of length in the fabric and by giving more elastic to these areas it allowed the dress to hold the look of the original pattern with allowing it to be looser and longer. 


So If you're on the fence about joining in on a pattern test, I'd say if you have some time and fabric readily available, jump on it! I'm excited to be more involved in the community and hope to test more patterns in the future. 

IF you're on Instagram, check out @rosegardenln you can win the Pixie Tee Pattern from Chalk and Notch along with some fabric I hand dyed with natural indigo for you to make your own pixie tee! Fabric design is similar to the fabric used for my pixie tee dress although each dye turns out unique.

GIVEAWAY closes Friday July 6th 2018

Happy Sewing!